Listed in Top 10 Restaurant of Charlotte "Charlotte Weekly"
Listed in Top 21 Restaurant of Charlotte "Charlotte Magazine"
Voted Best Indian Restaurant of Charlotte since 2006 "BOB Award"


  • Charlotte Observer: [Click here for full review]
    Nearly everything is presented in an interesting way – with space between elements on the plate, for example, or a sauce completely separate, or ingredients splayed in geometric arrangements.

    Creative Loafing: [Click here for full review]
    Copper creates dishes that show the diversity of the Indian sub-continent with its wide-ranging and current culinary influences. The densely flavored sauce of the chicken tikka masala received effusive praise from the table.

    Charlotte Weekly: [Click here for full review]
    Copper’s nouveau slant does not ignore traditional Indian techniques, most notably the tender, moist results from cooking in a tandoor, a cylindrical oven of brick and clay. Those who crave the warm, rich flavors of Indian favorites can sate their appetite with murgh tikka masala.

    WSOC-TV [Click here for full review]
    The cuisine at Copper is contemporary. Chef Naveen Sadana and restaurateur Pannu Singh have developed a menu that incorporates traditional flavors and culinary techniques of classic Indian cuisine and have given it all a nouveau twist.

    AOL-City Guide [Click here for full review]
    Owner Pannu Singh’s menu divides dishes into the traditional (delivering the expected tandoori and curry dishes), the modern (with unexpected with twists on lamb and seafood dishes), and the gourmands (which takes diners into the realm of the truly dazzling in Indian cuisine).

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